Student Learning Programs.

6 Learning Programs, delivered as 2 Bundles.

Student Skills Bundle

3 Learning Programs. 24 Courses. 60 Hours. Give your Students the Life Skills they need.


8 Courses.

Career Skills.

8 Courses.

Driving Skills.

8 Courses.

Courses - Student Skills Bundle.


Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Access

Computer Essentials

Online Essentials


Career Skills.

Critical Thinking

Problem Solving

Effective Communication

Organisational Skills

Time Management


Emotional Intelligence

Presentation Skills


Drink Driving

Driving Responsibly

Driver Distraction

Drug Driving

Mobile Phones 

Driver Fatigue

Rural Driving

Cyclist Safely


Job Hunting Techniques to Get Hired Faster

How to Succeed at Writing Applications

How to Sell Yourself and Interview Techniques

Student Wellbeing Bundle.

3 Learning Programs. 24 Courses. 60 Hours. Support the Mental Wellbeing of your Students.

Mental Health.

8 Courses.


8 Courses.


8 Courses.

Courses - Student Wellbeing Bundle.

Mental Health.

Being Positive – Living with Lockdown

Being Resilient – Manage Anxiety & Stress

Being Body Confident

Being Cyber Aware – Be Safe Online

Being Strong – Mental Health Awareness

Being Real – Online Addictive Behaviours

Being Present – Intro to Mindfulness

Being Dignified – Bullying Awareness


Being Active – Exercise and Nutrition

Being Appreciated – Seen, Heard, Valued

Being Brave – Dare to Dream

Being Confident – Enhancing Self-Esteem

Being Empowered – Peer Pressure

Being Respected – Freedom and Trust

Being Safe – Relationships and Sex

Being Smart – around Substances


Being Aware – 21st Century Global Competence

Being Caring – Community and Society Awareness

Being Curious – Develop Your Inquisitiveness

Being Green – Reduce Your Footprint

Being Open – Positive Communication with Family & Friends

Being Diverse – Cultural Awareness & Inclusion

Being Responsible – Key Life Decisions

Being Inclusive – Disability Awareness

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