Student Wellbeing Bundle

3 Learning Programs. 24 Courses.

Includes All 3 Learning Programs

Support the Mental Wellbeing of your Students.

Courses - Student Wellbeing Bundle.

Mental Health.

Being Positive – Living with Lockdown

Being Resilient – Manage Anxiety & Stress

Being Body Confident

Being Cyber Aware – Be Safe Online

Being Strong – Mental Health Awareness

Being Real – Online Addictive Behaviours

Being Present – Intro to Mindfulness

Being Dignified – Bullying Awareness


Being Active – Exercise and Nutrition

Being Appreciated – Seen, Heard, Valued

Being Brave – Dare to Dream

Being Confident – Enhancing Self-Esteem

Being Empowered – Peer Pressure

Being Respected – Freedom and Trust

Being Safe – Relationships and Sex

Being Smart – around Substances


Being Aware – 21st Century Global Competence

Being Caring – Community and Society Awareness

Being Curious – Develop Your Inquisitiveness

Being Green – Reduce Your Footprint

Being Open – Positive Communication with Family & Friends

Being Diverse – Cultural Awareness & Inclusion

Being Responsible – Key Life Decisions

Being Inclusive – Disability Awareness

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