The Complete Student Package.

All Courses. 1 Academic Year Plan. 1 Group Project.

The Program

The Project


Students Complete the Courses over the Academic Year and Complete a Group Project.

Term 1

Students start with the Citizenship Program and then elect to complete courses in the Career and Computer Skills programs in the order they prefer.

Term 2

Students start with the Mental Health Program then elect to complete courses in the Wellbeing and Driving Programs in the order they prefer.

Term 3

In their Groups, Students complete their “Hear Our Voice Presentation” and “Young Global Changemakers Project Submission”.


Young Global Changemakers Project completed.


#HearOurVoice Presentation to their School.


YGC Project submitted to WHO.

The YGC Project.

In Teams of 5 to 25 students.


Identify and agree on 1 Global or Social issue of concern.


Explore the issue and come up with real actions and solutions.


Test and amend their solution in the community.


Analyse results and extrapolate the change on a global scale.

The 'Hear Our Voice' Presentation.

Each Team presents their project, with findings, to the school before submitting the project to iSkwl.

Project Submission.

Teams submit their Project to iSkwl and are awarded Certification.

High Distinction.

Top 10% of Projects.


Top 30% of Projects.


Top 50% of Projects.

Further Recognition.

Top 10 Young Global Changemaker Projects are submitted to The World Health Organisation Youth Council.


One Team will be declared the winner of that years’ YGC Project submissions and wins €2,000. 

€1,000 for the Team.

€1,000 for the School.

Support for TY Co-ordinators.

We provide a suite of tools to make running the Project simple.


Editable presentations to help you launch the TY Program to key stakeholders.


A presentation that explains the program and costs.


A presentation that gets buy-in from other Teachers.


A presentation that explains the program and benefits to Parents.

Download a non-editable sample here.


A presentation that positively launches the Program.

Working documents.

A toolkit to help you run the Program.


An editable template to write your Transition Year program.


A week-by-week plan for each Term.


Step-by-step guide to support the Program.


Collate feedback and evaluate success.

Caroline Mathews, TY Programme Coordinator, Ashbourne Community School

“I would highly recommend the bundle of courses for both TY and LCA students. We used the Computer Skills, Career Skills and Driving Skills bundle in 2020-21.

This bundle was useful to us as we have a 1-day work placement per week. We also used them in the classroom in ICT, Business and Life Skills.

The certificates at the end of each module really helped to motivate the students – they had a certificate of achievement to add to their CV. Students could work ahead if they wished in class or at home, and the teacher could assist those who needed it with any tricky modules – self-directed learning is so important for TYs and LCAs.

The programme works on all devices including phones, which is a major bonus. They are student friendly, teacher friendly and great value for money.

The customer service from IACT is exceptional – to be honest I only had to contact them about 4 times all year with small problems which were sorted promptly. We have already signed up for next year for TYs and LCAs, and will again use the bundle in the classroom and if needed, in place of work placement.

IACT also have new and exciting packages so are moving with the needs of schools nationwide.”

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